Books, Your Drug May be your Problem by Peter Breggin

Your Drug May Be Your Problem :

How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs
by Peter Md Breggin, David Cohen & Peter R. Breggin

The first book to guide patients and doctors through the process of withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatric drugs are prescribed to more than twenty million Americans but can these drugs do more harm than good?

While a doctor may take fifteen minutes to determine the need for a psychiatric drug, the patient may end up taking it for months, years, or a lifetime. We deserve to know the dangers in advance -including the difficulties we may encounter when trying to withdraw. Your Drug May Be Your Problem is the only book to provide an up-to-date, uncensored description of the dangers involved in taking every kind of psychiatric medication, and it is the first and only book to explain how to coordinate a safe withdrawal from them.

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